Cornell University Glee Club
150th Anniversary Endowment Campaign

Campaign Update – March 2019

Dear Alumni and Friends,

As the oldest student organization on campus, we share bonds that are steeped in tradition and focused on the future. That spirit has been on fine display throughout this 150th Anniversary year.

Current Glee Club members travelled from coast to coast on the 150th Anniversary tour, performing at the highest level and supported by Glee Club alumni at every stop.

Plans are well underway for our 150th Anniversary Celebration to be held in Ithaca during Reunions Weekend, June 7-9, 2019. Already more than 175 people have signaled they plan to return to campus to celebrate this milestone together. More details will follow soon. If you have not already, please RSVP at

We have also built for our future, with a once-in-a-generation Campaign that has nearly reached its goal and positions us for success for years to come. When we launched this Campaign we set our sights on raising $1.5 million in multi-year gifts and pledges that would enhance our endowment and address several strategic initiatives that the Alumni Board set forth for the Club. The response has been humbling. With gifts from $50 to $250,000, more than 150 Glee Club alumni have responded to the call and helped us raise almost $1.4 million to date. We are so close, but we need your help to take us over the top!

You can see who has already donated to the Campaign by class year here. All donors will be listed in the 150th Anniversary Concert program and all concert programs for the next five years. If you have not yet done so, please join your fellow classmates who have supported the Campaign by completing the pledge form below, and making a multi-year gift that reflects what the Glee Club has meant to you personally over all these years.

We all hope you will be able to come to Reunions this year and celebrate with us the success of this Campaign. Let your glasses clink, a good excuse, I think, is a toast to her we all love so well.

With warm regards,

Donald R. Peck, LAW ‘86
150th Anniversary Campaign Chair


150th Anniversary Campaign Committee

Scott R. Haber '80
Bryce W. Hall '99
A. David P. Manzano '89
John C. Nicolls '72
Michael B. Polk '82
Ronald J. Schiller '86
Joel R. Seligman '89
Cornell L. Stinson '86
Steven G. Whitney '79

Donald R. Peck, LAW '86, Chair
Richard C. Dehmel '68, Honorary Chair
Robert Isaacs, Director
Thomas A. Sokol, Director Emeritus
Scott A. Tucker, Past Director
G. Gordon Behn '65
Joseph W. Cleverdon '98
George E. Gull '72

Celebrating 150 Years of Music

Did you know the Glee Club's partner ensemble, The Cornell University Chorus, is nearing their centennial? To celebrate their 100th year, the Chorus has launched the "Lift the Chorus" Endowment Campaign.  Since the start of the campaign, they have more than doubled their endowment value. The goal is to grow the Endowment to $1 million by the end of the 2020-2021 academic year.  For more information or to support the Cornell University Chorus, please visit

Cornell University Glee Club Through the Ages

You can pledge to campaign via the printable form or online form below

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I am committed to being a part of the endowment campaign for the Cornell University Glee Club endowment in order to further the musical excellence and organizational endeavors of the group.