Cornell University Glee Club 150th Anniversary Endowment Campaign

Campaign Update – September 2018

We launched “A Good Excuse, I Think! – the 150th Anniversary Campaign for the Cornell University Glee Club” only few months ago, and the early support has been a true testament to our shared history. It is clear that many of us continue to hold in great regard the time we enjoyed together as members of the Glee Club, and take great pride in the legacy we have created.

Our goals are steadfast, to allow the generations that will follow the ability to:

  • Tour internationally at least every four years and domestically every year

  • Expand opportunities for individual vocal instruction for students

  • Commission new men’s choral works from major and emerging composers

  • Perform a major concert annually in New York City or other major artistic venues

  • Expand our reputation through performances at major conventions, conferences, and competitions

  • Expand recruiting and pipeline development

  • Develop larger audiences and increase our profile through innovative marketing initiatives

Our goal is to raise $1.5 million. So far we have raised over $1.0 million, and are humbled by everyone’s continuing support.  The Campaign will run through June 2019, the conclusion of our 150th year. Campaign pledges will be payable through June 30, 2022.

This is a once-in-a-generation campaign for the 150th, and we do not anticipate one like this again for many years.

We are asking everyone, if you have not done so already, to make a stretch commitment well beyond what you have given in the past and to make this a philanthropic priority.

Please take a moment to think about what the Glee Club has meant to you personally, and join us in supporting the Campaign in a way that reflects that by filling out the Campaign Commitment form below.

With best regards,

Donald R. Peck, LAW ‘86
Campaign Chair

Campaign Leadership:

Scott R. Haber '80
Bryce W. Hall '99
A. David P. Manzano '89
John C. Nicolls '72
Michael B. Polk '82
Ronald J. Schiller '86
Joel R. Seligman '89
Cornell L. Stinson '86
Steven G. Whitney '79

Donald R. Peck, LAW '86, Chair
Richard C. Dehmel '68, Honorary Chair
Robert Isaacs, Director
Thomas A. Sokol, Director Emeritus
Scott A. Tucker, Past Director
G. Gordon Behn '65
Joseph W. Cleverdon '98
George E. Gull '72

Did you know the Glee Club's partner ensemble, The Cornell University Chorus, is nearing their centennial? To celebrate their 100th year, the Chorus has launched the "Lift the Chorus" Endowment Campaign.  Since the start of the campaign, they have more than doubled their endowment value. The goal is to grow the Endowment to $1 million by the end of the 2020-2021 academic year.  For more information or to support the Cornell University Chorus, please visit

CUGC Through the Ages:

You can pledge to campaign via the printable form or online form below:

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I am committed to being a part of the endowment campaign for the Cornell University Glee Club endowment in order to further the musical excellence and organizational endeavors of the group.