Directors Over Time

Hollis Elsworth Dann

May 1, 1861 - January 3, 1939 
Director: 1889 - 1921

The first official director of the Glee Club, Dann is largely responsible for its original success and acclaim. Beginning many of the ensemble's traditions, Dann encouraged frequent tours throughout the United States and brought the Glee Club to England in 1895. He went on to become a noted music educator and was amongst the first people inducted into the Music Educators Hall of Fame. Besides serving as president of MENC, he edited and compiled numerous anthologies and the eight volume Hollis Dann Music Course.


Eric Sydney Dudley

April 17, 1874 - May 21, 1947 
Director: 1921-1942

Coming from England, Dudley took the leads from Dann and maintained the discipline and musicality of the ensemble. He moved the Glee Club into the popular area of variety shows with novelty acts and a script to fit the musical numbers around. Dudley successfully brought the club through years of financial difficulty and World War I and maintained the title of director emeritus after his term. Passionate about the teaching of voice lessons, his pupils include notables like Marie Powers, Arthur Kent, Dorothy Sarnoff, Marie Maher Walkins, and Bruce Boyce. 


John Marinus Kuypers

November 15, 1900 - July 19, 1993 
Director: 1942 - 1945 

As director during World War II, Kuypers tried in vain to keep the men singing. Inevitably, the ensemble dwindled to under twenty members and was forced into a two-year hiatus during Kuyper's tenure. 


Paul John Weaver

July 8, 1889 - October 14, 1946 
Director: 1945 - 1946 

Weaver was given the difficult task of restoring the Glee Club to prominence after the war. In his single year, he successfully increased membership and returned music to Cornell. Unfortunately, he passed away unexpectedly the day after auditioning new members for fall 1946. 


Thomas Broadhead TracyDirectorTracy

April 1, 1908 - March 19, 1971 
Director: 1946 - 1957

As the only alumnus to serve as director, Tracy was a perfect fit. A member of the Class of 1931, Tracy had already served as assistant director under Eric Dudley. Tracy brought the Glee Club's variety show performances throughout the United States and even to Mexico in 1954, the first international tour since 1895. During Tracy's tenure, the ensemble also entered the world of television, performing on The Kate Smith TV Hour and The Perry Como Show


SokolThomas Andrew Sokol

July 28, 1929 -  
Director: 1957 - 1995

Director of the Glee Club for an astounding thirty-eight years, Sokol brought about dramatic changes in repertoire. Leading ground-breaking tours to the Soviet Union, China, and throughout Southeast Asia, Sokol brought the Glee Club outside of the country on ten different occasions. The Sokol era saw performances of major classical works with notable orchestras and conductors like Eugene Ormandy, Nadia Boulanger, and Karel Husa. Sokol returned as acting Director while Professor Tucker was on sabbatical during the 2002-2003 academic year. 


Scott Arthur Tucker

September 17, 1957 -  
Director: 1995 - 2012

Tucker successfully filled the shoes of Thomas Sokol, also taking on directing duties for the Chorus and founding the World Music Choir. Taking the Glee Club on its first two tours to South America, Tucker significantly expanded the repertoire of African and world music. He also led the Glee Club on Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion radio program and in multiple concerts with internationally-acclaimed musician Samite Mulondo. 


John Rowehl

Interim Director: 2012 - 2013

The Assistant Director since 2002, Mr. John Rowehl was chosen to replace Professor Scott A. Tucker upon his departure at the end of the Spring term in 2012. John has been recognized with an Otto R. Stahl award for Choral Music and the Dean's Prize for Distinguished Teaching.

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